Our Story

KhulaRae is made up of two old souls that fell in love the moment their hearts laid eyes on each other. Sara Khula and Natalie Rae met on Oct. 11th, 2017 and connected in a way that felt like they had been together in 100 different lives. KhulaRae is an American alternative pop music duo, and partners in all things creative. They inspire with love and positivity, because they know what it feels like to go through hardships and heartbreak. They have learned how to turn their pain into art and live through emotional story telling. None of their songs sound the same, because every song tells a beautifully curated story that they created from their own personal journey.


Sara and Natalie met in 2017, but they had anything but a normal relationship. Although life was so sweet between the two of them, Sara was sick with unexplainable symptoms for most of their relationship. In 2019 Sara was finally diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Needless to say both Sara and Natalie were scared, but with FAITH in their minds and in their hearts they were able to get through life one day at a time. When Sara finally went in for her surgery all she could hear God saying was, “faith over fear, faith over fear”. Sara and Natalie decided they had to create apparel with that saying on it. They would like “Faith Over Fear” to be a constant reminder that with faith ANYTHING can be done!!! KhulaRae has been through a lot, and with their experience have become huge Health & Wellness advocates. They believe that everything starts with health of the mind, body, and soul.


“KhulaRae.com is a place where we can share everything we are passionate about!! We didn’t want a site that showcased only our music or only our apparel, because that’s not all we are. We refuse to put ourselves in a box! We thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and hope you enjoy our art and feel inspired to share it with someone else. The visions and dreams we have are so much bigger than ourselves. We believe in sharing our love, stories, and passions with the hopes that it can help someone else feel a little less alone in this big ol’ crazy world!!”

Love, KhulaRae🌹