Branding's No Joke



We often find ourselves so intent on “writing the perfect chorus” or developing that ideal “bass line” that we loose sight of what we're doing this for. Branding, like our Art is a living, breathing thing and you should expect that it will evolve over time.

People will follow and appreciate your art for one simple reason, THEY LIKE IT!  We soon realized succeeding in a field brimming with talent, it was up to us to develop and promote our “BRAND” to ensure we were “easy to follow”.

We found these tips essential in creating and propagating the KhulaRae brand: 

  • Always be Authentic
  • Keep it simple, effortless, and be accessible
  • Take your time & get it right (you wouldn’t think of putting out a half-assed song would ya)
  • Branding should be experienced through other senses. (we have 5)
  • Think about what you post on Social Media. A little consideration could save you major embarrassment in the future
  • Curate professionals in your space. Not just artists, but business people, press sources, bloggers (oh and more bloggers)
  • Build an electronic press kit (EPK). Here’s an example
  • Engage directly with your fans. Mix your message with personal AND professional dialogue.  People like to get to “know who they like”.
  • Keep your Social Media continually up to date.
  • Support other members of the artistic community, even your direct “competitors”, because performing art is NOT a “competition!”
  • Get a TEAM. None of us are good at everything, everyone is usually good at something!  We got one and it makes all the difference!


Check in with us, we’d love to swap ideas!