Content is King


Over time, we’ve realized that “CONTENT” is not just “King” in establishing our brand and reach. It is foundational!  It’s as important if not more important than aesthetics or site design, especially in a digital world where Search Engines place enormous weight on engaging content. If BRANDING is #1, than CONTENT is #1A.

There are no secret shortcuts, but rather some universal tips that smooth the process.  We’d like to share a few thoughts, and would love to hear some of yours!!

Decide on the “key message” you want to deliver and then…

1) Research..Research..Then Research again….

2) Write in “your own voice”. You’re unique so let that voice loose!

3) Concentrate on a compelling HEADLINE and FIRST SENTENCE
     (You have less than 5 seconds to get a reader’s attention)

4) Optimize for the Web.  (Short sentences, bullet points, images)

5) PROOF IT!!  Nothing more off-putting than bad grammar/spelling!


Check out our Blog Posts and Article Archives and let us know what you think!  If you need a boost, our Content team is on call!