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Shea Butter Body WashShea Butter Body Wash;  or Hand Wash; Treat yourself daily with this family-friendly formula. A gentle and luxurious wash for that clean, smooth, and supple feeling of plush hydrated skin. Infused with Tahitian coconut milk oil, this creamy formula will leave you feeling fresh and hydrated. 16 fl. oz. (Order Here)

Shea Butter Body LotionShea Butter Body Lotion; Light on the skin, heavy on the moisture. This non greasy, easily spreadable lotion provides quick nourishment for the body. Our formula contains Tahitian coconut milk oil to replenish skin’s moisture and help soften and soothe. 16 fl. oz. (Order Here)

Shea Butter Hand WashShea Butter Hand Wash; Clean the right way. Our daily hand wash works to seal in hydration rather than stripping it from hands, leaving your skin looking supple and smooth. Vitamin E conditions skin while providing gentle radiance. 12 fl. oz.(Order Here)

Shea Butter Hand LotionShea Butter Hand Cream; Moisturizes, softens and soothes. Our hand cream is formulated to help provide long-lasting nourishment by replenishing moisture, and is gentle enough for dry skin. Our non-greasy formula is fast-absorbing and leaves skin feeling silky and soft. | 3 fl. oz. (Order Here)

Shea Butter DeodorantShea Butter Deodorant; Stay feeling fresh with our paraben-, aluminum-, and talc-free formula, made with sustainably sourced shea butter and soothing aloe. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and sweat while baking soda, rosemary and sage help to neutralize body odor. Glides on without feeling sticky or greasy and dries invisibly with no white marks left behind. Lightly scented with aloe for a clean, fresh-smelling finish for both men and women. | 1.7 oz. / 48 g (Order Here)

Shea Butter Moisturizing Lip BalmShea Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm; An essential addition to your everyday, go-to collection. Our hydrating formula helps nourish lips and leaves them feeling soft and smooth. Containing five moisturizing botanical oils, this silky balm is the perfect solution to dry lips. | Net wt. 0.15 oz.(Order Here)