Cover UR Azz


Don’t let your work get ripped off…………

It doesn’t take long to realize that Performing Artists are particularly prone to “being taken advantage of”.  Most of us get too distracted by the excitement of someone, anyone, following us.  It is especially important as your career moves forward, to keep some obvious (and not so obvious) things in mind.

*Copyright written material (duh!). But understand WHAT is and isn’t eligible, use the Federal Agency site (, it is simple, inexpensive, quick, and definitive.

(Forget the fairy tales that you can copyright something by “sending yourself a sealed letter” with the lyrics).  Wrongo Bongo!!

*Familiarize yourself with “TradeMarks” if you have a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies you.  Trademarks are a little more complicated (and expensive) but can be invaluable.  See

*ANYTIME you are looking to enter a contractual agreement that involves your intellectual property consider using Non-Disclosure Agreements (or commonly referred to as NDA).

Beware of management agreements that ‘tie you up” for long terms.  Have them reviewed by legal counsel.

And as always, feel free to tap into our team resources if a business matter has your head spinning.  Most of your concerns probably don’t require legal expenses beyond fees paid to government.