Getting Down To Business


At the end of the day......SHOW BIZ IS A BUSINESS!

You've seen episodes of E.T. about the "Superstar"  singer/actor/dancer/athlete, etc., who made million$ and ended up broke......and keep in mind you’re just seeing the “famous ones”. 

ALL of us need to pay close attention to the “legal crap” we often want to ignore and never think of until it is too late.

Our KR Team is fortunate to have those bases covered and (without directly offering “legal advice", which we CANNOT do) is happy to share basic resource information with our followers. Things like:

*Do I need an entity & where can I learn about (LLCs? Corps?  Sole Proprietorships? (because Ya gotta be ONE or the other, because all those $$$ need to go somewhere!)     

*Where can I get an understanding of tax issues that affect me & MY business?

*What licenses will I need, (Federal, State & Local)?

*How can I “level the playing field” when negotiating management agreements?

*Okay, now I’m RICH. Making money was easy!!  How do I keep it?

At KR we do not (cannot) offer specific legal or accounting advice. However, we HAVE been lucky enough to have team members who either can, or who can offer you contact information directly to trusted sources who will provide “no charge” consultations.


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