Brain Health Resources


 By KHULARAE 1-6-2020


So, just What IS “brain health’? 

Simply put, when your brain is healthy, it has sufficient blood flow required to maximize physical performance and stamina. A healthy brain is essential to enjoying a long and full life. 

When your brain is healthy, you're better able to pay attention, solve problems, communicate, and much more. 

75% of strokes and heart attacks can be prevented by actions we take ourselves  (American Heart Association). 

Just 30 minutes of physical exercise 5-7 days a week will substantially improve alertness and mental cognition as we age.  (MedLine Plus

Eating intelligently, avoiding tobacco and limiting alcoholic intake, to no one’s surprise are all synergistic components that contribute to well-being.   Nothing new there, folks. 

As we further explore well-being regimens, we’ll be looking and commenting on core principles that form the foundation of healthy, natural and holistic approaches.  We’re finding that all roads eventually lead back to the brain and much if not all of our choices will have in their forefront the understanding of the importance of undertaking any method with a nod to the mental elements. 

We’ll be looking at techniques, products and life hacks that we personally employ to correlate our whole body approach towards health and vitality.  Follow us on our Wellness Blogs, we have a team that is constantly looking at fresh approaches, validating old ones and generally raising awareness of the basic tenets of common sense good health.  

Life has enough opportunities to make us regret something.  Don’t let ignoring your health be one of them!!