Do we really have it together? Some of us do, but most of us really don’t. Do we even know the right questions to ask? Being an Artist is our motivation. We ALL have that in common and it should be worth taking the time to work it through.

So where to start?  Our first step was to say what it is we wanted! Blast it out (actually say the words & write it down)!! Some of us want to be famous, some want money, others both, and some just want to have the personal satisfaction of accomplishment something.

I remember not too long ago, I had so many ideas rolling around in my head of what I wanted, it just flat out immobilized me. Literally, my brain shut down. I got so frustrated that I sat down lit a bowl……and then proceeded to eat an entire cheese board!!! (good while it went down, but hard on me the next day)

Here are a few suggestions that has helped us recently that should at least set you up on the right path: *write down What it is you Want (Go ahead and let it out All of it!!!…everything from the biggest idea to the smallest….even if it seems (well) stupid). OK, got it?  *the next thing is Organize it (try grouping similar things)  *then Prioritize it (what’s the most important thing to the least important thing). You can prioritize everything or prioritize your groups and then the items in the group.

You’ve just started your own PLAN! Congratulations! Helpful hints would be: 1) Write out what your actual “product” is 2) Determine your Market 3) Who is going to want YOUR product and how do you find, capture and keep them  4) Realistically list your resources 5) Develop your action plan based on your goals, benchmarks and resources.

Finally, do you have a TEAM; most people think they can do everything on their own HUGE MISTAKE!!  A TEAM is using the resources available to you at the time. If you’re lucky, you have people around you that have skills you can rely on, but allot of us have to go elsewhere to get the resources we need. But you’re in LUCK!  The internet is the very best resource we have bar none.